Why Should You Hire A Virtual Wedding Planner?

Published on October 3rd, 2021

Planning your Wedding should be an exciting joyful experience. Don’t wait for the planning of your dream day to become a stressful memory

 Many brides spend an average of 18 hours week on research, and phone calls during their planning.

After working over 100+ weddings, almost every bride wished she had made it a priority to find good, honest, experienced assistance with their planning, as doing everything yourself can quickly become very exhausting, overwhelming time consuming, and costly.

Let me help bridge the Gap between your DIY planning and a Full Service Professional Planner

 With your dream day vision, and my expertise; we will bring together all your ideas and create a perfect plan with an affordable elegant approach.

 Having one external experienced person as your go to, who will professionally advise you with all your ideas, dreams, wants, and what you don’t want, is the perfect way to bring harmony to your planning.

 Your wedding planning can have an impact on you, your partner, your friends, and your family, which is why having a place to turn when you have too many opinions and thoughts running through your head, has proven to be extremely helpful and will alleviate a lot of stress on your journey to your dream day.

Friends and family mean well, and will provide you with ideas and advice, that too can become very confusing, overwhelming, and difficult to manage.

 The Wedding Industry may also create some false expectations, and focuses too much on perfection. The illusion is the list of must haves, and the need to spend a lot of money in order to have to perfect and beautiful wedding, but this is just not true, and I will show you that in every area of your planning.

I will provide you with many tips on how to not over spend in areas, and prioritize the items that are most important

I will guide you with things that you really need as opposed to things many people will convince you need

I will give always give you a complete honest, non bias opinion, and show you other affordable, sensible, options.

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